Where to Find the Best Software Development Outsourcing Companies

Nowadays, almost every business needs to use software to handle communication with employees and customers as well as administrative tasks. But while there are some good ready-made options out there, many medical facilities require something very specific. If you’d like to have a custom-made program developed, you should look into hiring software development outsourcing companies.

These businesses specialize in producing exactly the product you need, so you can increase your efficiency, create a better work environment for your staff, and most importantly, provide a higher level of service to your patients. In this article, we’ll have a closer look at how you can find the best software development companies and what factors you should consider before hiring someone.

Where to Find the Best Software Development Outsourcing Companies

Custom software can be extremely expensive. While developers might be able to create a simple app for around $10k, most bigger projects will cost $50k-200k. To avoid wasting your money on a subpar product, you have to make sure that you find the best team possible. Initially, you can research companies online and check their reputation on independent review sites.

Next, you’ll need to get in touch with businesses that could suit your needs, so you can find out how they operate and whether they are able to produce the software you need. During the initial consultation, you should ask varied questions about the developers’ experience and background. What’s more, you might want to ask the company for the details of previous clients, who can give you more information about what the developers are like to work with.

The Brainstorming Phase

To begin, you’ll need to sit down with your team and define what kind of software you would like. What are the core functions? Is the platform meant to be used by staff, or will it also involve interactions with patients? What do the end users need most? Find the answers to all these questions and come up with a list of desired functions. The more clearly you can tell the developers what you want, the better they will be able to meet your needs.

The Research Phase

Once you’ve determined what your ideal product is, you can start to research software development companies. Browse through some websites to find out what kinds of products are offered and what the development process is. You can also have a look at testimonials and reviews, which can give you more insight into how the developers work. Then, you can make a list of two or three companies that could be a good fit for your business.

The Initial Consultation

You can either send your chosen software development companies an email, or you can call them online to book your initial consultation. During this meeting, you’ll find out what the developers’ qualifications are and whether they have experience in your industry. You can also ask them about their design process and determine whether they are good at explaining complex ideas in a simple way.

Additionally, you should pay attention to the way they interact with you. Do they take your ideas seriously, or do they brush them aside? Always select someone who is willing to work with you as well as for you.

What to Look for in a Software Development Company

To make sure you have the best experience possible, you should thoroughly vet the software development company you’ve chosen. After your initial consultation, follow up with more questions and additional meetings if necessary. For example, you should check what methodology and what approach the developers use. It’s always best to choose someone who works in an interactive way, so you can have a say in how your software turns out.

Additionally, you should think about what risk mitigation strategies the business uses, so you don’t end up the victim of a cyberattack. Good developers are highly trained and experienced, but they are also great communicators, and they focus on the experience of the end-user when coming up with a new product. Finally, you should consider what after-development support your chosen company is able to provide you with.

Agile Methodology

Agile methodology is defined as the process of breaking a large project up into distinct stages in an effort to deliver more value and improve customer service. Some of the core principles of agile development include putting people and interactions over tools and processes, emphasizing functional software, collaborating with customers instead of simply negotiating a contract, and responding to feedback and changes.

When your project is broken down, you can work more closely with your developers, and they will allow you to provide input at every stage. Together, you will work in iterations, which means that you can slowly fine-tune the software until it fits your unique needs. When you choose a business that uses Agile methodology, you can expect flexibility and adaptability, and you will be asked to contribute throughout the process.

A Model-Driven Approach

Some of the best software development companies use Model-Driven Design. This is an approach that was developed by the Object Management Group over 20 years ago.

The method involves using abstractions and modeling to visualize the system the technology is being developed for, so it fits with the rest of your organization. The set of guidelines by the OMG can help businesses to produce “big picture” as well as detailed models to better serve customers.

Risk Mitigation Strategies

With technology comes risk, especially when sensitive data is involved. If you are having software developed for a healthcare business, you’ll need to store, share, and analyze patients’ private data. A breach could be disastrous for your company since it could lead to an expensive lawsuit. For this reason, you should always ask software development outsourcing companies how they will make sure that your data is safe.

Aside from discussing risk mitigation strategies, you should also make sure that the developers you’re working with are properly insured to work on high-security/ high-safety systems. That way, you can be sure that they will take the necessary steps to protect your data. What’s more, you should speak to the developers about ongoing safety updates. Since hackers change their tactics frequently, upgrading your software might be necessary at least once a year.

Good Communication

Software developers are sometimes seen as introverts who mostly worked in front of a screen on their own. But fortunately, this stereotype isn’t true. The best developers are also good communicators, so they will keep in touch with you throughout the process and answer all your questions in a simple, easily digestible manner.

To find out whether a team of developers communicates well, you should meet them in person and ask them questions. As discussed, you could also ask them for references and discuss their service with some of their previous customers. If everyone who’s worked with them has had a positive experience, it’s unlikely that you’ll run into any communication problems.

Quick Delivery

When developing software, delays are sometimes unavoidable. However, your developers should aim to work as quickly as possible, so you’ll have enough time to test out the product and resolve any bugs. During the discussion phase, you should come up with a timeline that includes planning, software development, orientation, employee training, and debugging.

A Focus on User Experience

No matter how good a piece of software is, it won’t serve you well if it doesn’t provide your users with a great experience. For example, you can have a highly technical program that records and stores customers’ data, but if the medical professionals who work with the software have trouble understanding how to use it, it’s unlikely to be effective and save your business any time or money.

For this reason, you should always select developers who focus on user experience. The interface should be simple and easy to access, and each function should be clear to even those people who aren’t highly trained IT specialists. Before you hire developers, ask to see a piece of software they have created and try to figure out how it works. If you find it very hard to use, you might need to select professionals who can create a more intuitive program.

Great After-Development Support

Once you’ve received your software, you might believe you don’t need the developers anymore, but this isn’t usually true. You’ll still need them to help you upgrade your security systems every few months. What’s more, you should check that they will be available to help you if there is ever an issue with the program they’ve created.

To avoid disappointment, you should always ask your developers to commit to after-development support in writing. When you first receive your program, you might need them to configure and customize it, and your employees might need an orientation session. Later on, you’ll require ongoing software maintenance and software backup services.

There are many software development outsourcing companies, but not all of them can create an intuitive, easy-to-use program for your business. Call us at River Axe to schedule an appointment with our talented team.