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Focus Area

Riveraxe aims to generate a positive impact in communities, by pursuing constant innovation and pushing the boundaries of both technology and healthcare, one solution at a time.

Program Management & Technical Assistance

From managing or migrating legacy systems to planning and execution, we are a trusted partner who gets the job done right.

Health Informatics & Analytics

Leveraging IT capabilities, medical terminologies, health research, clinical guidelines and communication systems to fulfill its purpose in a range of medical fields.

Systems Engineering & Software Development

Using Agile methodology and model-driven approaches aligned to customer Architecture and preferred techniques, promoting development, and reducing product risk and a faster time to market for new capabilities.

System Implementation, Interoperability & Sustainment

Supporting technology solutions, systems and applications beginning to end, from ideation, deployment, support, and enhancement, to retirement and replacement.

Riveraxe LLC serves a future of efficient cutting-edge technology solutions empowering our valued government and private sector customers with the right tools and information to act faster, and make better, timely decisions.

Our amazing portfolio of customers


National Capitol Region Directorate of Logistics
Medical Device & Logistics Support
Program management support providing critical medical
devices acquisition support activities and prototype
implementation of technical gateway solution in
preparation for MHS GENESIS Implementation


Bureau of Medical Services Office of IT Electronic Health Record (EHR) Implementation Support Technical writing and training support to 30-month project to acquire and deploy commercial EHR to over 200 health unit locations of embassies across the world


Indian Health Services Division of Information Technology of the Office of IT COVID-19 Business Intelligence & Analytics
Enhancement Support National Patient Information Reporting System (NIPRS) to advance and expand clinical analytics and business intelligence services, performing BI/BA development


Office of the Chief Information Officer Assurance Analytics PMO IV&V Provide program management, Agile testing services and automation testing of IT change management process

Healthcare IT & Software Solutions

We embrace challenges, & are relentless in discovering & creating solutions that redefine the way we see health IT.

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The AI Revolution in Medicine GPT-4 and Beyond

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What Is Bioinformatics and How Do We Use It?

Are you fascinated by the intersection of biology and technology? Do you love solving complex problems using cutting-edge tools? If so, then bioinformatics may be the field for you. Bioinformatics is a rapidly growing discipline that combines computer science, statistics, and biology to analyze and interpret biological data. Bioinformatics has revolutionized how we approach research…

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Using Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

Healthcare is an ever-evolving field, with new technologies being applied to improve how we diagnose and treat patients. One of those technologies is Artificial Intelligence (AI). AI has been gaining traction in healthcare over the past several years, offering a variety of potential applications that could dramatically improve the quality and efficiency of healthcare delivery.…

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